Superior Air Compressor Rental in Malaysia

Mister Backhoe is an independent equipment rental company that provides reliable earthmoving machinery all throughout Malaysia. Maximize your productivity and operate under the most rigorous conditions with our equipment line.

  • Complete range of new & used rental ground-engaging equipment
  • Competitive machinery rental rates and flexible leasing options
  • Far-reaching service areas and unmatched service delivery
Backhoe Rental in Malaysia


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Superior Air Compressor Rental in Malaysia

The manufacturing industry is considered as one of the most competitive economic sectors, creating and producing products for public use and consumption. Due to the competitive nature of this business, it is a must for manufacturers to invest in different types of machineries that would enable them to produce high-quality outputs.

Mister Backhoe is a leading name in heavy equipment rental that offers high-quality air compressor rental in Malaysia. Our mission is to help our clients achieve business success by providing top-of-the-line process equipment solutions – from sewa compressor units to bulldozers and other building equipment.

Backhoe Rental in Malaysia

Do you want to book your backhoe today?

Do you want to book your backhoe today?

Wide Selection of High-Quality Rental Air Compressor Equipment

Rental air compressor units come in different types and classification. Most of the time, clients rent more than one type of compressor to improve their operational processes. As a trusted air compressor service company in Malaysia, we supply manufacturing companies with the correct equipment that would match their operational needs.

Our extensive line of process compressors include:

  • Reciprocating Air Compressor
  • Rotary Screw Air Compressor
  • Rotary Vane Compressor
  • Scroll Compressor
  • Turbo compressor
  • Centrifugal compressor

Our inventory of air compressors come in different PSIs and HPs and can meet the requirements of any manufacturing business at rental prices that are within their business expenditures.

A Sewa Compressor Supplier You Can Trust

As a reputable heavy equipment rental contractor, we strive to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. Our team of dedicated experts will help customers determine the best equipment that will fit your business. Our professional staff will work closely with clients to know their operations, their business goals, and the budget they have in mind.

With this information, we will come up with recommendations and options for your process equipment solutions. We also offer a wide range of cost-effective construction equipment rental units for residential and business use. Our warehouse houses an extensive line of excavators, cement mixers, roller compactors, backhoe units, mobile cranes, and many more.

Operate at an optimum level with rental equipment from Mister Backhoe!

Achieve your business objectives by partnering with a trusted equipment supplier. Call us or email us at to set an appointment. You can also check out our products to know what equipment, brands, and models we are offering.